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CLASSICS: Sessions Blend


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Sessions is a rotating blend of coffees put together to create an easy drinking and approachable flavor profile, and it’s a welcomed addition to Shuv’s CLASSICS lineup. Whether on ‘spro or by the cup, with or without milk, this coffee is created both with transparency and a balanced flavor profile in mind. With this current iteration of Sessions, we getting notes of toffee, praline, pear, and raisin.

If you do need your coffee ground, we are happy to do so. Just leave us a message in the comments at checkout.

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  • Producer

    Rudy Carcamo / Joel Banegas / Mighty Peace Coffee

  • Location

    Lempira & Comayagua, Honduras / S. Kivu, DR Congo

  • Varietal


  • Processing

    Washed and Natural

  • Importing Partner

    Kodachrome, De La Finca, and Mighty Peace Coffee

About Sessions Blend

Sessions is currently comprised of 3 different coffees that we also offer for sale as single origin offerings. To find out more about each coffee, please refer to these pages individually:
Rudy Carcamo – Washed (Honduras)
Joel Banegas – Natural (Honduras)
Mapendo – Washed (DR Congo)

About Blends

There are many reasons why roasters choose to blend coffee, and at Shuv we do so to accomplish either one or two things: 1) to create a year-round dependable flavor profile or 2) to highlight something specific about coffee we’d like to share with you. In both of these instances, we intend to uphold our values of centering producers above anything else and providing as much traceability at the roasting level that is possible.