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Andres Cardona – Red Sunset


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This is another gem of a coffee produced by Andres Cardona–he calls this one “Red Sunset”. It is one of a few offerings we have from a program called Unblended and Ventola Institute (UVI) based out of the Antioquia Department of Colombia. This is our second year working with Andres–you might remember a few of his other coffees gracing our menu during that time, including Luna Azul and Cochadas. His care and dedication to unique coffee processing techniques really shines thorough in all of the coffees we’ve had of his. As Unblended Coffee’s words, “This Castillo and Colombia varieties lot, grown at 1600 masl, defies the common assumption in Specialty Coffee that one needs to grow an exotic variety at high altitudes to produce an excellent Cup.” And we cannot agree more. This extended, semi-washed process coffee gives us vibes of fruit punch, citrus, rose and marjoram.

  • Producer

    Andres Cardona

  • Name of Farm

    Villa Lucía

  • Location

    Santa Barbara, Antioquia, Colombia

  • Processing Station


  • Varietal

    Castillo, Colombia

  • Processing

    Extended Semi-Washed

  • Elevation

    1650 masl.

  • Importing Partner

    Unblended Coffee

About Andres Cardona:

In Unblended’s words:

Alvaro Andrés Cardona Molina is one of the producers of the PEC program (Coffee Speciality Program) and a leader within the UVI Mentees. If he is not working in his family’s farm, La Ilusión, he is working with Felipe [Trujillo] on his farm, keeping track of other UVI Members’ production and processes or managing his uncle’s farm, Villa Lucía. He’s a dreamer and an overachiever! He has worked with coffee since the age of 12, as a family tradition. His dedication and attention to detail has rewarded him and his family, with a donation to improve his processing capacities by building a processing facility, making an impact in his neighbourhood and the quality of his craft.

About UVI:

Unblended & Ventrola Institute (UVI) is a project created in Colombia to make coffee an exciting career path for young people. The average age of coffee producers in Colombia is now around 60, and UVI is trying to change that through a program that aims to mentor and help younger producers succeed in bringing their coffees into global specialty markets. This program guides producer members through the creation of their own coffee portfolio and helps to guide them through the many intricate steps along the way. They want to change how coffee is sold and promoted in the world, and we are truly inspired by this.

About the Process:

Red Sunset begins an initial 72 hour fermentation in cherry, during which time it creates its own coffee juice. Once depulped, the coffee is submerged into this juice–as well as some from previous batches–inside of sealed tanks and fermented for 130 hours. Finally, it is dried for 3 to 4 weeks until reaching between 11-12 percent moisture content.

About the Varieties:

Castillo and Colombia are both hybrid varieties developed by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC). They are a cross between Caturra and a Timor Hybrid. Both of these varieties have been researched and developed over many decades to create varieties in Colombia with a high quality cup potential, and also resistance to leaf rust and other disease.