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NOTAFLOF – Sliding Scale Test Roasts


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One of the key platforms Shuv is founded on is to make coffee more accessible. Oftentimes, the barriers to entry in specialty coffee can be costly in multiple areas of the industry, and it is a goal of ours to do what we can to help everyone to have great coffee, whether or not you can afford it. So we created the NOTAFLOF to our offerings–a sliding scale, pay-what-you-can–coffee option to do just that.

The cup profiles and origin(s) that comprise NOTAFLOF are ever-changing based on what we have on hand. Often, theses are tests roasts, or coffees that didn’t quite make the cut of our strict quality control (QC) protocols, but they are still *good* and worthy of being shared. Minimally packaged and great for a morning cup of coffee at whatever price point you need Please choose what works best for you! We still encourage anyone and everyone to take advantage of NOTAFLOF! Even if you can afford it at full price, buying a bag helps us move the coffee, reduce waste, and financially sustain the program <3

12 ounces of whole seed coffee. If you do need your coffee ground, we are happy to do so. Just leave us a message in the comments at checkout.

Orders are roasted on Wednesday and shipped on Thursday. Please get your orders in by Tuesday evening to ensure same week delivery.

*If you also need a shipping discount, use code PWRSLIDE and we’ll cover $2 worth of shipping or delivery fees.

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NOTAFLOF stands for No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds. It was a common thing growing up attending punk shows that you’d see posted up on flyers about town. The idea was that no one will be rejected from admittance whether or not they are able to pay. We took inspiration from this, along with listening to a lot of the Crass Records catalog, and many coffee companies who have come before us to utilize the sale of “test roasts” as an affordable option that also reduces waste.

Transparency Infomation

Although this is a rotating (and sometimes blended) coffee we make an effort to write what you are getting on the bag. We estimate our average cost of production on these bags to be $7. This is the lowest price point we offer for NOTAFLOF. If you still cannot afford this, please feel free to take advantage of the pay it forward system and select the “Free” option from the dropdown menu. NOTAFLOF bags are for sale in limited and variable quantities each week on a first come, first serve basis. Whatever we have left over each month is donated to local food banks and organizations free of charge. If you’d like to work with us on this, shoot us an email!