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As part of our ongoing efforts to fundraise in support of our beloved community members, Julien Langevin and Veronica Pearl, we are proud to announce a collaborative, mutual aid coffee release under the label Trans Mental Health Fund. With the support of Trans and CaffeinatedGlitter Cat BaristaGo Fund BeanTanbrown CoffeeUmeshisoAtlas Coffee Importers, and Cafe Imports, this is a true labor of love from queer coffee pros and allies to help two dear ones in need in Pride Month. All profits from the sales of these coffees will be donated directly to Julien and Veronica, who have both taken on significant debt in order to address mental health crises they’ve faced this year.

This is one of two offerings available through Trans Mental Health Fund, and it comes to us from Rebuild Women’s Hope Cooperative in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s a lovely natural process coffee, and we are tasting a lovely mixture of berries and citrus, black tea, and rose.

For more information, or to directly donate Julien and Veronica, check out the Hot Medicated Summer campaign via GalaBid.

  • Producer

    Rebuild Women's Hope

  • Location

    Idjwi Island, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Varietal

    Red Bourbon, Blue Mountain

  • Processing


  • Elevation

    1480-2000 masl

  • Importing Partner

    Atlas Coffee Importers

About Rebuild Women’s Hope

Rebuild Women’s Hope is a cooperative of coffee farmers on Idjwi, a large remote island in Lake Kivu in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Founded by Marcelline Budza in 2013, RWH was inspired by her mother’s resilience and the vision of placing women at the center of leadership and community building efforts locally. And by doing so, providing access and financial equity to women who were socially and historically excluded from such roles. Of 3,057 members, 2,235 of them are women, and all presidential roles at the co-ops are held by women too.

In Rebuild Women’s Hope’s words:
When RWH was founded, coffee produced on Idjwi had no export market, and was sold to middlemen who would smuggle it across the water in boats into neighbouring countries for resale. Despite the optimal conditions for coffee cultivation on the island, including altitudes of up to 2,000 metres, the quality of production had historically suffered due to a lack of markets, agronomy training and finance. This has since changed dramatically, as RWH provides training, interest free loans , and coffee processing facilities to enable farmers to produce coffee of the highest quality.

Trans Mental Health Fund:

We selected this coffee for Trans Mental Health Fund intending to connect stories of community support and care for one another across the supply chain, and to remind us what we are capable of when we come together in support of one another. We’d like to thank Atlas Coffee Importers for sourcing and donating this coffee, and Mar Childers of Tanbrown Coffee for the bag’s illustration.