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Mapendo – Washed


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Mapendo is swahili for “love”. It comes to us by way of Might Peace Coffee, a social impact coffee company and importer working within the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is our first time sourcing a Congolese coffee, and we are thrilled by the results. It is has a familiar cup profile to the coffees we love that originate around Lake Kivu, one of the African Great Lakes. In the cup, we experience deep fruit notes of currant, tangerine and apricot, along with mulling spices.

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  • Producer

    4,200 contributing farmers

  • Location

    Kalehe, South Kivu, African Great Lakes, Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Processing Station

    Buchiro and Chebumba

  • Varietal


  • Processing


  • Elevation

    1480-2000 masl

  • Importing Partner

    Mighty Peace Coffee

About Mapendo

Mapendo is farmed in 16 separate lots by 4,200 farmers in the area, 40% of which are women producers. These lots are processed at three washing stations in the area (two mini, one big), and a fourth station is under construction that will include a lab for cupping and quality control.

About Mighty Peace Coffee

Mighty Peace Coffee is a social impact coffee company and importer working with producers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Founded in 2018, Mighty Peace was born out of the Congolese-led peace movement. Their mission is to connect specialty coffee enthusiasts and businesses with Congolese partners and share their stories. By doing so, they hope to educate, inspire, and to end cycles of conflict and poverty within the area and throughout the industry.

About the Variety

SL-34 is a single tree selection by Scott Laboratories that originated in Kabete, Kenya on the Loresho Estate in 1935-1939. It is closely related in genetics to Typica. SL-34 has high yield potential and exceptional cup qualities at high altitudes, yet is very susceptible to coffee diseases.

About the Process

Mapendo is a washed coffee that undergoes and initial 12 hour dry fermentation, followed by a 24 hour wet fermentation. Following this, it is dried for 12 – 21 days on raised bed until reaching 10-12% moisture.