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VIPs: Santiago Caro – Chiroso

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We sourced a small amount of this Chiroso variety by Santiago Caro through Unblended Coffee. It’s one of a few coffees we have from them at the moment and it’s an absolute stunner!

Santiago and Finca La Falda has rightfully gained a lot of much deserved recognition over this coffee, and it’s consistently placed highly in Cup of Excellence (COE) competitions. We are quite honored to have it as a VIPs offering for a limited time only. In the cup, we are experiencing blood orange, apricot, lemongrass, and mint chocolate.

12 ounces of whole seed coffee. If you need your coffee ground, we are happy to do so. Just leave us a message in the comments at checkout.

Orders are roasted every Wednesday and shipped on Thursday. Please get your orders in by Tuesday night to ensure for same week shipping and delivery.

  • Producer

    Santiago Caro

  • Name of Farm

    Finca La Falda

  • Location

    Urrao, Antioquia, Colombia

  • Varietal


  • Processing


  • Elevation

    1930 masl.

  • Importing Partner

    Unblended Coffee

About Santiago Caro:

In Unblended’s words:

Santiago Caro has truly built a name for himself and his coffee. Got in touch with us back when he was 23, he wanted to help his family rotate their farm and coffee into a brand. His dream, as he explained at that first meeting with him, was to have his own coffee brand and help his neighbours get better prices for their coffees. And he has made huge steps towards those goals! Recently winning multiple recognitions with his Washed Chiroso, Santiago is on track of becoming a staple of Specialty Coffee in his region and outside it.

About UVI:

Unblended & Ventola Institute (UVI) is a project created in Colombia to make coffee an exciting career path for young people. The average age of coffee producers in Colombia is now around 60, and UVI is trying to change that through a program that aims to mentor and help younger producers succeed in bringing their coffees into global specialty markets. This program guides producer members through the creation of their own coffee portfolio and helps to guide them through the many intricate steps along the way. They want to change how coffee is sold and promoted in the world, and we are truly inspired by this.

About the Process:

After harvest, this coffee is fermented in open stainless steel tanks for 5 days. then washed and sorted by hand. It is then dried for 3 to 4 weeks until reaching 11 to 12 percent moisture content.

About the Variety:

Chiroso is a rare genetic mutation from Bourbon and Caturra that is endemic to Urrao, Antioquia. La Falda in particular was planted with both Bourbon Chiroso and Caturra Chiroso over 10 years ago by Santiago’s father, Jose Arcadio. They found it was more productive, and as fate would have it, also discovered it’s unique, award-winning profile in 2012.