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Rudy Carcamo – Honey


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An additional offering from producer Rudy Carcamo–this one in particular is a honey process coffee. We keep his washed coffee on hand most of the year, and this one has that familiar sweetness to it but with an extra pop of fruity sparkle. It’s one of our favorites of his every year. We are tasting Valencia orange, raspberry, almond, and graham cracker.

12 ounces of whole seed coffee. If you need your coffee ground, we are happy to do so. Just leave us a message in the comments at checkout.

Orders are roasted every Wednesday and shipped on Thursday. Please get your orders in by Tuesday night to ensure for same week shipping and delivery.

  • Producer

    Rudy Carcamo

  • Name of Farm

    Finca El Joconal & Los Robles

  • Location

    La Union & Las Peñas, Lempira, Honduras

  • Varietal

    Red & Yellow Catuai, IH90, Lempira

  • Processing


  • Elevation

    1350-1450 masl.

  • Importing Partner

    Kodachrome Coffee

Fincas El Joconal and Los Robles are two of three farms managed by Rudy Carcamo located in close proximity to La Union municipality in Lempira, Honduras. This is Steve and Emery’s sixth year working with Rudy through our friendship with importer Kodachrome Coffee in South Bend, Indiana. We have worked with his coffee before Shuv Coffee even existed, and are now very excited to continue this relationship in the years to come. Rudy is a dedicated producer and has spent the past harvests perfecting his craft, planting additional varieties, experimenting with processing techniques, and starting an additional high altitude farm in La Unión called Tres Santos. We can’t wait to share more of Rudy’s offerings to you later this year too!

About the Varietal:

This coffee is a mixture of primarily Red and Yellow Catuai, as well as IHCAFE 90 and Lempira that are common to the climate and growing conditions of Honduras.

About the Process:

This is a honey process coffee that was pulped and then patio dried with the coffee’s mucilage still intact. It leads to a sweeter and fruit-forward profile in the cup.