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Kossa Geshe – Swiss Water Decaf


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It’s not really a secret that we love our decaf, especially this beautiful Kossa Geshe that really packs in a ton of bright fruit-forward flavor. In the cup, we taste strawberries and cream, cherry and chocolate ganache.

250 grams of whole bean coffee. If you do need your coffee ground, we are happy to do so. Just leave us a message in the comments at checkout.

Orders are roasted on Wednesday and shipped on Thursday.

  • Name of Farm

    Kossa Geshe Estate

  • Location

    Limmu Kossa, Jimma Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia

  • Processing

    Natural, Swiss Water Decaffeination Process

  • Elevation

    1800 masl.

  • Importing Partner

    Crop to Cup / Showroom Coffee

About Kossa Geshe:

From our importer, Crop to Cup/Showroom Coffee:

Kossa Geshe is located in Western Ethiopia’s Limmu Kossa District, in the highlands of the Kebena Forest. This 1,000 hectare farm was established in 2009 as a land grant from Ethiopia’s investment agency to safeguard some of the last remaining dense forest in the country. Abdul runs the show. His first harvest was 2016 and Crop to Cup has bought every bean since, entranced by his qualities and the cup characteristics from day one. The story of Kossa Geshe is one of meteoric rise. In 2016 he began running the farm and two years later his coffee won a Good Food Award – one of the first coffees out of the west to earn the distinction and to truly compete with the excellent naturals coming from Southern Ethiopias Sidamo and Yirgacheffe regions. Abdul continues to reinvest. From a new moisture meter, to a new 7500 m sq drying patio (to go with raised beds) completed in 2018. It goes without saying that quality is continually on his mind.

Crop to Cup doesn’t normally work with estates, but Abdul has been an exception. So, we’ve got quality and a few other things on our mind when we visit with Abdul. In 2017 we conducted a full social audit with him and came back with quite a few recommendations. The very next year, we come to find that he’s built a school on the farm for children before they go to 1st grade. He’s built new toilets for the workers, 8 meters deep. In addition, he’s implemented a ledger system for employees and their wages – a form of transparency that needed to be completed.

Abdul is a man of action. It’s been a pleasure to see such a quick metamorphosis from a new producer and we’re annually excited to welcome his coffees to the U.S.

About the Process:

Coffee cherries are collected from across 2 zones (Abukado and Botto) on the estate, then further separated into 3-4 lots per zone based on harvest collection time. Cherries are dried on tarps with close monitoring by staff. The farm’s manager, Abdulwahid, is slowly expanding raised beds, thus a small portion is currently dried on raised beds.