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Shuv Coffee

Re-imagining The Industry

Coffee is an industry that has and continues to exist to uphold colonialism. Meaning, the outdated systems that dictate the current supply chain exist to benefit businesses and end consumers in the Global North while exploiting producers and farmers in the Global South. As such, producers are often expected to assume a much higher level of risk and with a lower rate of return than downstream consumers due to multiple factors such as climate change, the unpredictable nature of farming, lack of financial access, and the systemic inequities built into global trade itself. At Shuv, we envision a future of coffee that centers the producer, where we work to build lasting relationships with farmers, continually buy their coffees at premium prices, and share in some of their financial risk regardless of our bottom line. So you can still drink delicious coffee and know that we are all looking out for each other. Win-win-win.

  February 20, 2022  |  News