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Shuv Coffee




As part of our ongoing efforts to fundraise in support of our beloved community members, Julien Langevin and Veronica Pearl, we are proud to announce a collaborative, mutual aid coffee release under the label Trans Mental Health Fund. With the support of Trans and Caffeinated, Glitter Cat Barista, Go Fund Bean, Tanbrown Coffee, Umeshiso, Atlas Coffee Importers, and Cafe Imports, this is a true labor of love from queer coffee pros and allies to help two dear ones in need in Pride Month. All profits from the sales of these coffees will be donated directly to Julien and Veronica, who have both taken on significant debt in order to address mental health crises they’ve faced this year.

Each variety pack contains one 12oz bag of Rebuild Women’s Hope in Democratic Republic of the Congo from Atlas Coffee Importers and one 12oz bag of Carmen Cecilia Montoya’s Finca Los Pinos in Colombia from Café Imports. For more information, or to directly donate Julien and Veronica, check out the Hot Medicated Summer campaign via GalaBid.

  • Producer

    Rebuild Women's Hope | Carmen Cecilia Montoya

  • Location

    Democratic Republic of Congo | Colombia

  • Processing

    Natural | Washed

  • Importing Partner

    Atlas Coffee Importers | Cafe Imports